Calculations on Gaussian Integrals

This module contains gaussian integral functions and related helper functions.


complex_gaussian_integral(Abc, idx_z, idx_zconj)

Computes the Gaussian integral of the exponential of a complex quadratic form.

contract_two_Abc(Abc1, Abc2, idx1, idx2)

Returns the contraction of two (A,b,c) triples with given indices.

join_Abc(Abc1, Abc2)

Joins two (A,b,c) triples into a single (A,b,c) triple by block addition of the A matrices and concatenating the b vectors.

join_Abc_real(Abc1, Abc2, idx1, idx2)

Direct sum of two (A,b,c) triples into a single (A,b,c) triple, where indices corresponding to the same variable are "fused together", by considering their Bargmann function has having the same variables.

real_gaussian_integral(Abc, idx)

Computes the Gaussian integral of the exponential of a real quadratic form.

reorder_abc(Abc, order)

Reorders the indices of the A matrix and b vector of an (A,b,c) triple.



ndarray(shape, dtype=float, buffer=None, offset=0,


ndarray(shape, dtype=float, buffer=None, offset=0,


A generic version of


Deprecated alias to builtins.tuple.


A class to manage the different backends supported by Mr Mustard.